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Iya, everyone! And very kannin for not posting in eons. m(_ _)m Did y'miss me? ;D

Anyway. Again, I come bearing gifts while going through stories and what not. I do hope you will find something enjoyable to read/see?

Sun & Sky: MA-ish. Very short little drabble thing. GatoxHazel. It's just a quickie fanfic for quickie sex. XD Although the sex is not described, it is considered limey. So, be careful. ;9
Heart of Stone: PG. I think the first Hazel ficlet I wrote! Wai! Anyway... This is a songfic (don't run away!) to Cher's song by the same name. Sanzo and Hazel met up near a river, having a moment alone together. Hazel discusses his beliefs and continues to request of Sanzo to join his cause. Sanzo, in turn, ties him up in his sutras. There is nothing naughty here except for a kiss or two. Hazel+Sanzo+Hazel.
Sickness and Sultry: I'll go for an PG-13/R or MA here, not sure. This is... HakkaixHazel! ZOMG. Hazel is sick and Hakkai takes care of him. It's a simple little romantic story. ^_^
Purpose: Erotic dreams and questions to God - all in one. Wow. SanzoxHazel-ish.
Dog Tags and Lilacs/Honmei-choko: MA! Multiple pairings galore! 58, 3H3, 53, 838, 8H8, 5H @.@ This was my Valentine's story for last year, I believe. The main pairings are GojyoxHakkai and SanzoxHazel. Hakkai and Hazel each give their loved ones something precious for V-day and, wanting to return the favor, Sanzo and Gojyo give them something even better. ORGY. / Honmei-choko is a fluffy, harmless drabble for my Gato+Hazel side. Don't want to forget them. ^-^ I'm not positive, but there may or may not be a kiss.
Forgive Me: MA. In this AU, Hazel [still male] goes to a Catholic school, in a girl's uniform. He is sent to Principal/Father Sanzo's office for an offense he made. There he is punished, quite thoroughly... I'm wicked for posting this here because you can only read it if you have my writing journal friended. XD It was put under FO so as not to deal with the rantings of insane bible thumpers. SanzoxHazel.
Martyr: MA. A Christmas fic! :D XD This short story is Hazel discussing his feelings on his religion and the death of you-know-who earlier in his life, as well as his blossoming relationship with Gato and his withering crush on Sanzo. There's a sex scene [GatoxHazel] and a tiny little kiss [Hazel+Sanzo].

HAPPY LATE ASS HAZEL DAY!!: I never posted this here, did I? ; 3; Oh, well, I did make a pic for it, albeit a little late. Typically, here is Hazel; the pic is gen, harmless, except for exposed torso. There is a story behind his outfit/whatnot provided in the descriptions below the drawing. Rated G for harmless ghei bishop.
Strippin': This is a kiriban drawing for sporkz who caught my 2K hits on my dA. ^^ She requested a pic of Hazel stripping, so during class, I did this. It's pretty much harmless still, with only a tad bit of skin. The drawing is Hazel as he BEGINS stripping, etc. I really like how this came out! Rated PG.
Madam Butterfly: Hazel crossdressed in a kimono I wanted for Halloween but could not find in my size. TT_TT So I torture him and put him in it, MWAHAHAHAHAHA!! He looks good... O_o Reference and the actual picture for the post are provided in the descriptions below. Rated G for harmless crossdressing ghei bishop.
Angles of an Angel: Just two doodle sketches I drew and colored on MS Paint and posted, both faces of Hazel. I forgot how to draw his bangs. ^^; Rated G for the face and profile of a ghei bishop.
Great party, man!: I drew this for myself for my birthday. ^^; I ordered Hazel to be my stripper and he looks none too happy. The only exposed flesh is his legs and you can see his pannies. XDD So I give this a PG.
Rose Tint My World: I'm sure everyone and their mother has seen the drawing Minekura did of Hazel is a weird, gay costume. If not, I believe the photo is still up on "Journey to the Rest." If you don't want to go look at it, you can just look at my fanart of it here. XD Colored by an old friend of mine. I rate it G for more crossdressing ghei bishop.

The last two below are located on y!gallery. It is a pain sometimes for people to access this site as it was for me. However, if you have Firefox, it shouldn't be a problem. If you do not have Firefox, try opening Internet Explorer in another window to see the art. My art is public so it shouldn't not show you the pics. If you don't see them, no biggy; they're not that great. XD

Arms of an Angel: SPOILER ALERT SPOILER ALERT for the ending of GUNLOCK. Just a sketch. Angsty Hazel. I wanted to draw him with wiiiingseses. ^.^ Rated G; although he is nude, I only drew him to his stomach, so you don't see any naughty bits.
Weep Not For The Memories: SPOILERY SPOILERY SPOILERY. Hazel "visits" a couple of his loved ones. Aw, angsty. Rated G for harmless, angsty ghei bishop.

Ummo... I want to end this entry with something that didn't waste your time... XD So I'm going to recommend sites chocked full of Hazel goodies. I'm sure some of you have been to them, some not. But regardless...

† Everyone knows about the Hazel fanlisting, right? ;)
BLUE WISH: solider of cards: Japanese. I think this is a type of fanlisting thing to show your love for Hazel and Gato or just Hazel. SHOW YOUR LOVE BY USING THE ADORABLE LITTLE HAZEL AND GATO SPRITES EEEE. ^o^
HxS: A Japanese fanlisting for this snarky pairing. XD
BLUE WISH: Saiyuki fanart: Japanese. Go to "Other", scroll down and you'll find "Saiyuki" [最遊記]! There she has a lovely collection of cute little Hazel arties. ^.^ She's very good!
Guilty: Japanese. Hazel fansite of lurve! Pretty pics and oh, you can play a game to try and knock off Hazel's clothes! @u@ A lot of her Hazel pics can be found in her Diary, so check that out, too. One of my personal faves, if not favorite, Hazel site!
Mikku-Pon: Japanese. Has some of THE MOST adorable chibi!Hazel art EVER.
Cosplay/Kaede?: Japanese. This guy knows how to work it! One of the BEST Hazel cosplayers around! He makes you melt. 8D Also, he has Gato and Hazel cosplay pics up as well! Ooo, panty soup.
Revolution: Japanese. This girl has cosplayed tons! To see her Hazel outfit, you want to click on the first date link at the very top! In 2004. There is also Kami-sama there too!
LOL: Some funny Hazel/Gato fanart comic strips too funny to ignore! XD
THE HAZEL SEARCH ENGINE!?: Japanese. I believe so~! ^,^
Hazel fanfiction: Japanese. This has been listed in the Hazel search engine and by the familiar spelling of his name appearing everywhere, ヘイゼル, this might be a nice chunk of fanfiction. Again, no clue if you don't know Japanese. XD
More fanfiction: ... in Japanese. XD But hey, if you know it, and you like GatoxHazel (ガト×ヘイゼル), go for it.
iNToCCaBiLe : Japanese. I am pretty sure this is a Hazel fansite, but I don't exactly know the content as the Japanese doesn't seem to be working on here and I can't read Japanese anyway. XD I think it's fanfiction, not sure. Anyone who knows Japanese, take a look and see what you can find. English. My most favorite Hazel writer ever! If you have not read her Hazel work, you are seriously deprived!!

For more Japanese fanfiction websites, click here:
月天心: Japanese. HazelxSanzo. (ヘイゼル×三蔵) fanfiction.
Plastic Plant: The one pairing I see her ship is Hazel x Sanzo. (ヘイゼル×三蔵). I do not see any visible signs of fanfiction of the pairing or Hazel, yet, but check around if you wish.
Symphonic Heaven: I believe each door leads to a different genre/fandom/character or pairing fanfiction. But to my belief, the blue door takes you to Hazel fics. I figure this out because the Japanese text is messed up and when that happens, Hazel turns from ヘイゼル to ƒwƒCƒ or the like. >>;
fall angel: On this site, the link takes you to the only Hazel story I found. It is titled 聖者の誘い.

And, of course, always keep a look out for a good [English, Spanish, etc.] Hazel fic @ Echoes from the West, (18+), MediaMiner, Freedom of Speech, Slash Page Database Fanfics, [even though there's a lot of shit XD] and LJ communities, saiyukiwriters, saiyukiyaoi, love_you_weird, saiyuki_smut, 1000_miles_west and 100_roadtrips.

For single writers who do the BEST Saiyuki ft. Hazel stories, check out: hazelator, rasquine and yukie1013['s memories]. ^0^

And there you have it! Until then!

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