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Crackety Crack!

I scroll down and look at some of the REALLY old posts in this comm.

... Hazel x Sanzo-shaped-rock is LOVE XDXD

I've gotta say it, you all have totally made my night! ♥ I love you all.

Now, if only I could find more goodies...

Oh yeah, I also do think that Gato x Rock-chan is a VERY plausible pair XD I really can imagine it.


I think using the Sanzo-shaped-rock could be a plot from our favorite bishop to attract Sanzo's attention XD Heheheh...

(poketies) The crack-ness should continue! XD I try to make crack, but only end up with Hazel!Drama.

Like using a Sanzo-looking Persocom :D (makes gestures to the series "Chobits" by CLAMP)
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Thank you for reminding me to keep up on the next chapter of the HazelxSSR fic....
I can't wait to see any addition to it! ♥ I think the series might be wacky, but quite addictive XD
Really? =3
Seriously! :D I've been real hooked on it ♥ Well, I am a connessieur of fanfiction crack XD And I say your Hazel x SSR rocks!
Aw, thanks. *blushes*
Someday, I ought to make an icon to that pair XD
YESH!!!! ^_^
(works on it happily) XD
^^ *<3's you*
OMG!XD The Sanzo shaped Rock!<3 I miss him/it!;o;
He/It deserves some hot action from Hazel love! XDXD Lotsa LOVE!!
<3 The Sanzo Shaped Rock!XD I so missed SSR crack! LOLZ, fortunate you are to stumble onto it!XD
I'm REALLY happy I stumbled on to it XD
Yuuh, SSR revival!~<3 The SSris love!:)

I should fix my broken links to all my SSR fan stuffz I made!XD
Repost!! I demand a repost!! ♥
Yes! I'll repost all the SSR lovin' we did before!~
Yaaaaaay!! ♥
Nee, I think I saw you listed under "Philippines" on the Hazel fanlisting... are you really? :D
Why, yessssssss, I am from the Philippines. Why?
So am I! I truly am amused to find another Hazel fan around! ♥
Ooh~ Kewl!:3 I'm so happy!<3 Hiya~
*ka-glomps* FUWAAAAAH!! XD I'm so happy, too! May I friend ya?
Oh, really?:3 That's awesome, yaaayness! *cling* Thaaaaank yooou~